I do not love these Walter McCarty criminal charges

Walter McCarty has always come off as a kind, light hearted gentleman, who was never afraid to do the little things on the basketball court. Thursday, we learned that sometimes he isn't always cool, calm and collected off the court, particularly when it comes to his kitchen cabinets.

via CBS-Boston

McCarty, a fan favorite during his playing time in Boston from 1997 to 2005, pleaded not guilty to larceny by check in Framingham District Court for an incident in Wayland.
“This matter stems from ordering some kitchen cabinets for a home that my family and I are building,” McCarty said in a statement released by the team. “We hope to resolve the matter soon, but I simply cannot comment further while the case is pending.”

Listen, as someone who watches a good deal of 'The Property Brothers,' I get it. You've got a specific vision in mind for your home (and a specific budget), you lay out exactly what you want, and some day you come home to some invasive cabinets, that aren't anywhere close to the pearl white color you requested, and it doesn't leave you nearly enough space to entertain.

So ya, you go a little nuts (this is 100% pure speculation, by the way). But I ask you this; who's the real criminal here? The guy who went a little nuts on some hideous kitchen cabinets, or the guy who just delayed the move in day by three days?