Five reasons to be excited about tonight's home opener

The 2014-2015 Celtics season is upon us! Of course the expectations for this season are low but here are five reasons to be excited about tonight's home opener against the Brooklyn Nets:

1. The rookies:

Because the C's did so poorly last season and because the Nets basically gave us their future they were able to draft two quality and exciting rookies at the 2014 NBA draft.

Marcus Smart (pick #6) showed off the lock down defence that he is known for in the preseason, especially in the first game against the Nets tallying 3 steals and a +16 rating in 27 minutes off the bench. He also showed that he can distribute the ball by dishing out 4.25 assists per game over the eight games played.

James Young (pick #17) played fairly well throughout the preseason. Keep in mind that he just turned 19 and will probably bulk up during the coming season. Also, he can pull off exciting plays like this:

2. Jared Sullinger:

Sully had himself quite the preseason averaging 14.9 pts, 10.9 rebs & 2.8 asts in eight games played. On top of that his two best games were against the Nets:

Expect a big game and a big season from Sully.

3. Likely Kevin Garnett's final season opener:

At 38 (39 by season's end) and on the final year of his contract it seems the stars are aligned for this season, KG's 20th, will be his last.

He's won a title, been MVP, won Defensive Player of the Year, is a 15X All-Star there isn't much else he can accomplish on an NBA floor. And judging by his play and injuries last season even his fire won't be enough to push through another full NBA season next year.

Oh yeah he's also made $315 million over his NBA career, the most by any player so he's got that covered too.

But then again who am I to say if KG is done or not.

4. The possibility of a big game from Jeff Green:

Now it could be argued that this could be listed before every game but hear me out.

Green has averaged 14.5 points in season openers over his career and figures to be the go-to guy on offence tonight. He also played well in the two games versus the Nets in preseason with 20 pts, 6 rebs and a +20 rating in 35 minutes on the floor.


Do we really need five reasons to be excited for the Celtics' first game of the season?

Throw out all the predictions, throw out the rosters, throw out the disappointments of the summer because the Celtics are back for another season!


Special reason #6: RONDOOOOOOOOOOO!

Rajon Rondo will in fact be playing tonight for an extra added bonus!

Photo credit: David Butler, USA Today Sports
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