First guess at the Celtics starting lineup?

OK, it's very early, there hasn't even been a preseason game, and this is only speculation, but:

In Rondo's absence I think the point guard spot could easily wind up Smart, Pressey or even Turner.

Bradley is pretty much a lock at shooting guard, as is Jeff Green at small forward.  I love the idea of starting Olynyk and Sullinger in the frontcourt.  I'm not sure who the center is, but I also don't think it matters.  Yeah they'll get pushed around a bit and will rarely block any shots, but those are the two guys who could be building blocks for the future, so why not throw them into the fire and see what happens?

I'm a little less eager to try out the same philosophy at point guard with Smart though--considering he's only 20 years old and has never played an NBA game.  Kind of like with rookie quarterbacks in the NFL, you'd like to give them a little time to learn the ropes before putting them out there on the big stage.

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