Evan Turner may be taking Jeff Green's starting small forward role permanently

ESPN Boston
Stevens has offered subtle hints that Turner might be playing his way into the conversation for a starting role. With Rondo sidelined, there's a need for an additional ball-handler and Turner has contributed in multiple areas when he's been on the floor.

Where can the Celtics play him? Well, that's a bit more difficult. Rookie Marcus Smart has displayed NBA-ready defense that could give Stevens the confidence to pair him with Avery Bradley in the team's backcourt until Rondo returns. Jeff Green, the incumbent at small forward, has missed the first four games of the exhibition season with a calf strain and might have to reassert himself a bit when he returns to ensure he holds that spot. Stevens hasn't been bashful in suggesting that all starting and rotation jobs are available to those willing to earn them.

Looks like we have a gold old fashioned training camp battle for a starting spot on our hands. Evan Turner has looked very good for the Celtics and does things that not many on the team are capable of. Green on the other hand has been sidelined with his injury (Back today though). I'd be surprised if Green wasn't starting opening night for the Celtics (or at least once Rondo returns), but stranger things have happened. Turner would take some of the ball handling duty pressure off the Celtics rookie point guard.

It appears that after saying for years that Avery Bradley is a combo guard or a point guard, the Celtics finally are admitting they have no desire to have Bradley ever be in charge of the team's vll handling duties. So that leaves the small forward to assist (no pun intended) Marcus Smart. The problem is Green has struggled at the 4 (Won't rebound) and has struggled off the bench. So if you are going to start Turner and have Green come off the bench, you are better off trading Green. Then again Ainge may have been trying to trade Green for quite some time, and has had no luck.

Regardless, Stevens is in charge of winning games and if he thinks the team is better off with Turner starting he's going to make that switch. And Ainge is in charge of the team's future and if he foresees a brighter future for Turner than Green then again Turner needs to get the nod.

Who would you prefer to see starting at small forward?