Brad Stevens uses classic coaching ploy to motivate Avery Bradley

According to the Celtics official Twitter account Brad Stevens says Avery Bradley is not a lock to start at the two position this season:
I'm not buying it. You don't give a player a four year 32 million dollar contract in the off season if you're not planning on developing and starting him.

Stevens made this statement prior to last night's game in Philadelphia and Avery had already gone 9-19 from deep so far in the preseason.

His comment obviously worked in the short term as Bradley shot 6-9 from three on his way to twenty points last night.

I'm not criticizing Stevens considering he needs to say stuff like this to keep players like Marcus Smart and Evan Turner motivated to keep working. Not to mention, so Avery doesn't get complacent.

It's just a really hard pill to swallow that one of the best defenders in the league who is now shooting over 50% from 3 in the preseason and just signed a lucrative four year contract might not be in the starting lineup on opening night.

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