Walter McCarty talks about the chemistry of Boston's coaching staff

Last year the Celtics hired their new first-time head coach Brad Stevens in early July.  Stevens and his staff had to figure out what they were doing while playing catch-up to get ready for the upcoming season.

Assistant coach Walter McCarty recently spoke about what it means to now have a full year of experience together under their belts.  Via Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston, McCarty said:

We’ve just all been on the same page. I thought we did a really good job last season coming together, getting to know each other before the season, and getting our assignments and learning how to work together. But we’ve really developed a great chemistry and learned how to work efficient. It’s been a great summer, we spent a lot of time together at summer league, and just being in the office -- all just trying to make our team better. It’s been a really good summer for us. 
I think having that year is going to help us out a lot. It kinda let us know what we need to work on, where we need to go from last season, what are some of our strengths with our players, and what schemes work for us. [Last year], not really knowing that, it was kinda tough. We had to learn things on the fly. But I think we have a good grasp of what it is that we want to do defensively and offensively. Starting out in training camp, we’ll be able to establish some really good habits and move from there.

The Celtics did lose Ron Adams to the Warriors, but Forsberg writes new hire Darren Erman is expected to take on his role.  Along with McCarty, assistants Jay Larranaga, Micah Shrewsberry and Jamie Young are all returning.

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