Video: Analysis of the Evan Turner signing (and what they don't tell you)


Obviously you can't expect this kind of analysis from, but here's why the Turner signing really bugs me: It's two years long.  He's on the books guaranteed for $3.4 million in 2015-16.  Yeah, that's not a lot, but you know what's less than 3.4 million?  Zero.  What if Turner's contract ends up making the difference in whether or not the C's can bring in a major star or two next summer?

What's the point of even having him here?  Boston isn't going to be good this season and everybody knows that.  Why not just keep Chris Johnson on a super team-friendly contract instead?  The only potential benefit to inking this deal with Turner is if A) the C's are able to become a contender again next season, and B) Turner plays a big part in that.

To me that seems a lot less likely to happen than his contract potentially screwing up the signings of better free agents to long-term deals in 2015.

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