Paul Pierce in Celtics gear for Derek Jeter's last game

Derek Jeter is retiring.

If you have a TV, or a radio, or a computer, or don't live deep inside of an ocean cave -- you know this.

And today the Red Sox honored him before the last game of his career with a pre-game ceremony. Among the highlights, former Boston captains greeting Jeter at shortstop.

The Sox sent out Carl Yastrzemski, Jason Varitek and Jim Rice among others.

The Patriots sent out Troy Brown.

The Bruins sent out Bobby Orr.

And last, but certainly not least, the Celtics sent out Paul Pierce. Yes, Washington Wizard Paul Pierce.

Only Pierce was decked head to toe in Boston gear, showing everyone that while he may not be here anymore..he's always going to be a Celtic.

Just a little reminder of brighter times as we gear up for what could be another long season. And a reminder that whenever Pierce's career ends..whether it be in 2015, 2016 or 2017..he will then be returning to Boston to join the Celtics in some capacity. There should be very little doubt in anyone's mind about that.

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