Kevin Garnett hangs out at the US Open, still hasn't told Nets if he's coming back

So Kevin Garnett is actually in New York, huh?  I'd just assumed he must be off on a deserted island somewhere kicking back on the beach with no cell phone service.  Here's a quick KG news update timeline:

May 27 - Tim Bontemps of the New York Post: "All indications have been Garnett will be back in Brooklyn..."

June 14 - Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix:

June 25 - Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN New York: "General manager Billy King reiterated that the Nets have been operating as if Garnett is under contract and will play next season until told otherwise."

July 14 - ESPN’s Chris Broussard/Mike Mazzeo: "He [Garnett] has yet to publicly announce that he’s playing this season, but...a league source told that the Nets still expect Garnett to return."

August 8 – Nets coach Lionel Hollins (via Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report): "No, I haven’t talked about that with him [Garnett], but all reports that I have [from team management] is that he’s coming back."

August 8 – The Post‘s Bontemps again: "Hollins said he has reached out to all 15 players on the roster, and heard back from all but two: Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson. the time the players return to the area in September, he’ll have spoken to everyone."

August 29 - ESPN's Mazzeo again:

Well guess what, it's September now.  Does anyone else wonder if Garnett may just retire and not tell anybody?  Honestly I think it's about 50/50 he's actually coming back.

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