Joel Embiid DM'd 2K Sports to try to get a better rating

Joel Embiid is so good at twitter that it forces you to wonder if someone else is in control of his twitter account. This week his crusade to conquer the information superhighway turned meta as he DM'd Ronnie2k of 2k Sports in an attempt to improve his rating (and also get a dreamshake).

A day later, via his instagram account, Embiid revealed that the guys at 2K gave him a 77 rating.

So it got me thinking; Could you just send messages to the good folks at 2K sports and be given advanced information about players ratings? Well the answer, my friends, is yes!

NBA2k15 comes out on October 7th, is available on all platforms, and I'm completely not against getting a free copy because I play that shit on the reg.