Danny Ainge is unsure of team expectations

The Rajon Rondo injury reset much of Celtics Nation’s expectations, mainly in terms of when we will trade #9, but it also put a hold on what the front office expects to come in 2014. During his media day interview, Danny Ainge stated he is “not sure” what his expectations are with Rondo out 6-8 weeks. He’s going to wait and see how the team melds and grows before setting his sights on the outcome of the season.

He was very vague in what he anticipates for the beginning of the season while Rondo is out, but he does have “thoughts and ideas of what he would like to see.” He mainly wants the team to come together and grow, then set their own expectations for the season.

When pressed on the playoffs, Ainge stated he’s leaving the goal of playoffs for the players and coaches to determine. He did say he hopes they come up and believe that the playoffs are a realistic goal, however he wouldn’t set those expectations for them and wants them to determine their own future.

Another interesting note was when asked to discuss the elite teams in the Eastern Conference, Ainge showed no love for that team in Cleveland. He sees Chicago, Indiana and Washington as the three elite teams in the Eastern Conference.

Check out the on going media day here: http://www.nba.com/celtics/?tmd=1

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