Danny Ainge explains somewhat disappointing offseason, says goal is to 'hang banners'

While speaking to the media yesterday, Danny Ainge discussed his mild displeasure with the way this summer turned out for the Celtics (via WEEI's Ben Rohrbach):

There were things that we wanted to do that we weren't able to do. There were some things that were tempting that we didn't do, that I'm very glad we didn't do. I like that we were able to get some things accomplished, although we weren’t able to get a big, big deal accomplished that we wanted to. But I'm excited about our two young guys that we drafted, I'm very happy that we have Avery [Bradley] coming back and I really like our young core. 
It's challenging, because there are always things you think you might be able to do to get a tiny bit better, but our goals are much bigger than that. We want to hang banners in Boston, and ultimately that's what drives all of our decisions.

Practicing patience is what Boston's management has been advocating all along, and in this case I think Ainge justifies it very well.  Once it became clear that Kevin Love wasn't coming to town, it's much better for the Celtics' future that they didn't panic and rush into something else.  That's a mistake many other franchises would have made, and likely locked themselves into several mediocre-at-best seasons.  At least for the C's the options are still on the table.

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