Who's better offensively Steph Curry or LeBron James?

Yesterday on the Dan Patrick show when asked Steph Curry made the assertion that he was a better offensive player than Lebron James.

Here's the conversation:
Steph Curry: "Better offensive player — me or LeBron? That's the first time I've ever been asked that question. Um, Me. [Laughs.] It's gotta be, right?"
Dan Patrick: "I don't know. I assume you would think you're a pure shooter. He can score. You can, too, but I think — you know what? — the correct answer is probably: LeBron is a better scorer, but I think you're the better shooter. How's that?"
Curry: "I don't know. He obviously demands a lot of attention on the floor, but I like to say I can distribute, get my teammates involved and be a playmaker as well."
Patrick [interrupting]: "What about just putting points up? What about points? What if I said, 'You go out and score as many as you want in a game and LeBron goes out' — who scores more?"
Curry: "I would like to say my shot would help in that situation. If I get a double team, I can hopefully shoot from farther out."

After Steph said this it was obviously a heated Twitter topic and I engaged in one such debate with Coach Nick of bballbreakdown.com:

It should be noted, that I agree with Coach Nick that off the dribble and one on one there is no one better in the league than Steph Curry other than Kevin Durant.

Still, I will take LeBron due to his ability to get to the rim, post up as well as his shooting 38% from 3 last season.

Who do you think is the better offensive player overall?

State your case in the comments section below.

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