Video: Marcus Smart throws first pitch at Red Sox game

The Boston Celtics' official YouTube page recently posted the above video of rookie Marcus Smart throwing the first pitch at Saturday night's Boston Red Sox game.

Marcus Smart meets David Ortiz (photo courtesy of Baxter Holmes)
Smart threw a pretty good pitch that made it over the plate, despite the fact that he was pretty nervous. I'm sure that the ball boys and girls telling him beforehand that he better not screw up like 50 Cent's recent historically bad pitch probably didn't help his nerves.

Smart should be proud of himself, especially considering how badly some other NBA players have tossed out the first pitch (John Wall and Nick Young are the first to come to mind).

Overall, Smart enjoyed the experience, and was especially enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet Big Papi. Said Smart on Ortiz: "He's just like me and everybody here -- a normal guy, just happened to have a great amount of talent out here on the field. But a normal guy, good guy, and seems like he's fun to hang out with."

Marcus Smart throws out first pitch at Red Sox game