Video: Kelly Olynyk getting his foot stuck in a billboard during a game, is also good at trick shots

You've heard plenty about Celtics rookie Marcus Smart getting the nod for select team for Team USA.

However, Kelly Olynyk is legit playing for Team Canada. Preeettttyy impressive.

Olynyk has already played six games with Team Canada as they work through their summer exhbition schedule. According to Jay King of, Olynyk is averaging 10.7 points and 5.3 rebounds a game so far. Pretty good, Kelly.

Also, via Jay King, this happened.

Thats the one and only Kelly Olynyk playing against Serbia yesterday. He gets his foot stuck in a billboard. Apparently he's ok though, so don't worry.

Also here's him making a trick shot in someone's house.

What a crazy time he's having.