Should the Celtics make a run at Roy Hibbert?

Would Roy Hibbert and Jared Sullinger combine to make a frightening frontcourt in Boston?
The Pacers have had a rough offseason. Lance Stephenson bolted for Charlotte, taking a shorter length contract with intentions of raising his value with the Hornets. Paul George suffered a gruesome leg injury in a USA basketball scrimmage, and will likely miss the entire upcoming season.

Now rumors have surfaced that Indiana may be shopping Roy Hibbert, reportedly offering him to Phoenix in exchange for Goran Dragic. This doesn't come as much of a surprise -- Indy is in a pretty tough spot for a team that just had the best record in the Eastern Conference. Shake ups are to be expected.

But it brings up the question: Should the Celtics look to make a trade for Hibbert?

Hibbert will play next season for $14.9M before deciding whether he wants to exercise his player option for 2015-16 -- something he's likely to do at $15.5M. The Celtics desperately need a center, and this could be the perfect opportunity to get one. Hibbert is the ultimate "buy-low" product at the moment (you may recall the seemingly endless criticism Big Roy took during the playoffs) and the Pacers have unexpectedly found themselves in a situation where they may need to begin to look towards the future.

If the price is right, Danny Ainge would certainly have to think about giving Hibbert a chance to revive his career in Boston. Which begs the obvious question: What is the right price for Hibbert?

Ainge may have just the right amount of win-now pieces combine with future assets to get Larry Bird's attention in Indy. Obviously, it would not be smart to mortgage all of the future pieces that were being mentioned in a potential Kevin Love trade in a package for a player like Hibbert. But even just one draft choice from Boston's overflowing pile of first-round picks could be very attractive to the Pacers.

Let's say Jeff Green (a decent fill-in for George this season) along with Brandon Bass (a good role player on an expiring deal) along with the Celtics' 2015 first-rounder was the package. That trade is a win-win for both teams in my mind. If the Pacers weren't interested in Bass, Keith Bogans could take his place in the trade (and be cut immediately because of his non-guaranteed contract).

What do you guys think of bringing Hibbert to Boston? What would your top price be?

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Source: NBC Sports