Report: Rondo's agent denies Celtics star has demanded a trade

Celtics fans and the NBA in general were given a pretty big blow earlier today, when Jackie MacMullan said (not suing the word "reported" because I'm pretty sure she was pissed that her off the air comments were posted on ESPN) that Rajon Rondo has told the Celtics he's not re-signing with the team and wants to be traded. It appears that Rondo's agent has denied this report.

It is unclear from Murphy's tweet if the "both men" refer to Rondo and Duffy or Duffy and his spokeswoman. Regardless, it should also be said that it is against the NBA rules for players to demand trades, so even if Rondo told the Celtics he's leaving next Summer, he would never publicly demand as much (Not too mention how making it public could do nothing, but hurt Rondo). Jackie MacMullan is a very well respected reporter, so I'm leaning towards believing her words.

As is the case with NBA stars when they want out they most often can dictate which teams they will play for. That's why any rumors involving teams like the Pistons or Kings make little sense. Teams such as the Knicks, Lakers, and Rockets make a lot more sense. The thing is the Knicks have nothing to trade and the Rockets lost the potential for a trade when they got rid of some valuable pieces like Asik and Parsons. A 50 cents on the dollar trade to the Rockets still might end up being the best option for Ainge sadly enough.

Celtics fans hated the idea of trading Rondo to the Lakers, but honestly the best deal that might have been consummated for Rondo would have been the Lakers #7 pick this past June. That boat has now sailed. The Celtics are essentially left with two options:

1) Hold onto Rondo through the season, offer him a max contract (overpay) and try to sell him on staying in Boston because they are offering the most money and that Ainge has a plan to add another star. Or 2) Trade him for 50 cents on the dollar to a team that Rondo will re-sign with. Honestly I doubt Ainge has even been offered 35 cents yet. The danger with #1 is that he walks and you get nothing. Or you pay him $20+ million a year and cross your fingers that he won't slip in skills in his 30's and is worth that investment. The danger with #2 is you get garbage back and don't have a player of Rondo's caliber again for several years.

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