Ray Allen isn't retiring yet

USA Today -

Ray Allen still might return for a 19th season in the NBA. He also might retire. But he has not officially made a decision yet, according to agent Jim Tanner...

“As Ray has previously stated, he is taking this time to make a decision whether or not he will play next season,” Tanner said in a statement obtained by USA TODAY Sports. “Any reports otherwise are false.”

Ray Allen isn't going to retire. He's going to come back, contribute at a high level, and he won't be doing it for the veteran minimum either.

Maybe it will be the Cavs. Maybe it will be the Spurs. Maybe it will be the Clippers. Maybe it will be a team we haven't even considered. But he will be back draining threes and occasionally busting out young legs.

Even at 39, Ray Allen has an elite NBA skill set; one that some team will be willing to pay "big" money to utilize. Ray will either be back with LeBron or standing across the court from him in either the ECF or NBA Finals this season. Just you watch.

Photo: Deadspin