Kris Humphries says Brad Stevens made him better

Kris Humphries represented one of the Celtics' better stories last season. Many knew him as Kim Kardashian's temporary husband or as the object of Rondo's hatred, and did not exactly embrace him becoming a member of the Celtics. Hell, nobody really even knew how he'd fit in with a squad log-jammed at the power forward spot with young bigs Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and vet Brandon Bass all vying for playing time. However, his strong effort and consistent production earned him the appreciation of many fans by the end of the season. For his success, Humphries in part thanks coach Brad Stevens:

"I talked to Brad all the time and it's just one of those things where, 'Man you got me a lot better,'" said Humphries, now with the Washington Wizards, as transcribed by the Washington Post. "Handling the ball, making plays, things like that. Shooting. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for the opportunity to keep playing in a lot of situations like the one I was in."

As Jay King points out, Jordan Crawford also expressed great appreciation of Brad Stevens, who called the coach's belief in him "the hardest part" to leave behind after being traded to Golden State.

With five more seasons of Stevens ahead, fans have something to look forward to, and hopefully free agents will too.