Are you more likely to follow @NBA on twitter now that it's on the ball?

Earlier this week the NBA announced the following:

I guess from a branding/marketing standpoint this is definitely a smart move.  But how hard is it to find the NBA on twitter?  The handle is exactly the same as the league's name.  I've always thought it was funny that it says @celtics on top of the backboards at the TD Garden (and other names in other arenas), as if you'd have trouble figuring out what the team's handle is.  Maybe it just puts the idea in your head to go find the C's on twitter?

Wouldn't having the NBA's twitter on the ball be a lot more useful if the league was stuck with a weird handle like @Nat_BBall_Assoc or something?

And how many people actually look at the ball anyway?  Maybe next time Rajon Rondo is practicing his free throws he'll notice it and think "Man, I need to start following @NBA."

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