A Look At The Celtics Top 5 Most Expensive Tickets Of The Season

The Celtics are in the second season of a rebuilding process that could see them land as one of the worst teams in the league once again. With Rajon Rondo staying in Boston, there should remain some bright spots on the Celtics this season. There were noticeable bright spots during during the 2013-14 season as well, but not enough to save the team from just 25 wins. While the team could improve, a huge leap forward isn’t too be expected.

Secondary market prices for Boston Celtics tickets are certainly reflective of this trend. While Boston generally supports its teams well, the Celtics have one of the lowest ticket averages in the league on the secondary market. There are only two games on the Celtics schedule that are currently averaging over $200, and both games are against the Cleveland Cavaliers. But that Cavs are one of the biggest draws in the league this year, with LeBron James returning in the offseason.

Games against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are the only ones that register much, and those games are barely topping $150 in average. There are even games under $100, all against other rebuilding teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic.

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