Woj: Danny Ainge still pursuing Kevin Love trade

In case anyone was wondering, yes Boston GM Danny Ainge is still trying to trade for Kevin Love.

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. As long as Love is still in Minnesota and Rajon Rondo is still a Celtic, Ainge is going to do everything he can to get Love.

Problem is, there are quite a few things that have to happen first:

LeBron James has to figure out what he's going to do with his future. Both the Rockets and Bulls want to get the best player in the league, but could try to trade for Love if they strike out.

Same with Carmelo Anthony, who could also go to Chicago or Houston.

Same with Chris Bosh, who is also a target of Houston.

The Warriors have to tell Minnesota GM Flip Saunders in no uncertain terms Klay Thompson isn't getting moved, ever.

Saunders has to actually be willing to move Love. That's far from certain if he honestly thinks he can convince Love to stay or simply hates the offers he's getting.

Saunders has to be willing to move Love to Boston, sending another superstar to the Celtics after the blockbuster deal for Kevin Garnett in 2007 which immediately brought the Celtics a title. That could be a bigger hangup than we think.

Boston has to cobble together a package that Minnesota would actually want, which they don't seem to have at the moment. They may need to bring in another team to make a better deal.

Who the Celtics could get to make the deal more appetizing for Minnesota is anyone's guess at the moment. If Golden State isn't willing to give up Thompson for Love, there is zero chance Boston could trade for Thompson to help get Love. Maybe some established player(s) will come out of the woodwork that Boston could get, but so far, no names have cropped up.

Bottom Line: Boston's chances of getting Love aren't great. Lots of different variables and hurdles to jump over. Could it still happen? Of course, but don't bank on it, at least not for a few weeks. Now, back to Summer League.

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