The Golden State Warriors have made a very smart move and agreed to a deal with Shaun Livingston

According to the Golden State Warriors have agreed to a three-year, $16 million agreement (third year partially guaranteed) deal with Brooklyn Nets free-agent guard Shaun Livingston.

This is a great move by the Warriors especially if they insert Livingston in the starting lineup and allow Steph Curry to play more off the ball.

ESPN True Hoop Blogger Ethan Sherwood Schwartz augments this point
The Warriors need a guy who can dribble. Too much of the offense has been dependent on Stephen Curry, in part due to Curry’s incredible talent and in part due to how the Warriors have lacked for competent ball handlers.

Curry is obviously a capable passer but if the Warriors want to take the next step they need better ball movement and more overall team involvement.

No where was this more obvious than last season's playoffs when Curry would often make incredibly difficult shots down the stretch but would also hoist incredibly ill advised shots as well when solid ball movement ala the San Antonio Spurs would have been a much more solid strategy.

A recent article by Vernon Ratliff for Fansided illustrates this point:
The Warriors lack ball movement, as shown in a Harvard study. In the playoffs, one person can’t win you a championship. Basketball is a team sport, as proven by the Spurs this year.

Livingston is a true point guard and his presence will allow for more touches for the team as a whole.

As a result, Golden State's offense will be much less one dimensional and should perhaps allow for the basketball media darling Warriors to take the next step into the second round of the Western Conference playoffs this upcoming season.

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