The Cavaliers finally pull down Dan Gilbert's open letter because just maybe LeBron is coming back


The Cleveland Cavaliers have allowed Dan Gilbert's open letter following LeBron James' decision to sign with the Miami Heat to remain hosted on their website for four years.

The letter was up as recently as Sunday, but it was taken down on Monday amid reports the Cavaliers are in a legitimate position to sign James.

Well, well, well. How the tides have turned, huh? Four years after delivering a scathing open letter about LeBron James and "The Decision", the Cavaliers have finally pulled it down off their website. With good reason, too. Why leave that thing up when the King could on his way back to his kingdom.

A week ago, I thought Cleveland had absolutely no shot at signing LeBron. Now, I have no idea. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

There is a very real chance that LeBron James re-signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers which means they would have Andrew Wiggins on a rookie deal, Kyrie Irving locked up long term, a roster full of lottery draft picks, and the greatest player in the world back in the fold. The returning hero. All sins forgiven.

AND in addition to that haul, the Cavs still have this little gem (via RealGM):

2015 first round draft pick from Miami

Miami's 1st round pick to Cleveland protected for selections 1-10 in 2015 or 1-10 in 2016 or unprotected in 2017 [Cleveland-Miami, 7/9/2010]

Four years of being a laughing stock doesn't look as bad now, does it?

That's not the NBA being the NBA- that is Game of Thrones level manipulation. The Cavs are the Starks, The Heat are the Lannisters, the North Remembers, and Winter is Coming.

Meanwhile... in Cleveland:

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