Stevens on free agency: 'It's hilarious'


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Hired in early July last year, this is -- for all intents and purposes -- Brad Stevens' first real trip through NBA free agency. Given all the drama surrounding LeBron James and some of the league's top available names, Stevens was asked his impressions of the process.

"As far as watching free agency, it’s hilarious," said Stevens. "Is that the best way to put it? I just sit back and enjoy it."

Yes, most of the league appears in a holding pattern until the likes of James decide where they'll be playing next season.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge even needled reporters about the breathless minute-by-minute reports about all things free agency lately.

"I see every one of you [reporters] following your Twitter nonstop trying to follow everything going on in free agency," said Ainge. "I haven’t really been worried that much about it. That’s going to work out. We just focus on what we need to do and try to get the Boston Celtics better."


I think this year's Free Agency has been the most entertaining in the history of basketball. Everyday there are deals that make no sense popping up, vets getting PAID, and new rumors that make zero sense somehow making sense and then coming true.

I'm glad Brad thinks it's hilarious- because it absolutely is 100% hilarious. NBA GMs were all waiting to see where LeBron went, he took his time, and then when he ultimately decided to go home to Cleveland, teams had already been overspending for a week. Then the teams that were holding out felt like they had to overspend twice as fast just to catch up.

This is like the sports version of Deal or No Deal. Players are basically standing in a huge room and pointing at briefcases full of cash and then deciding if they want to take the deal or not. It's amazing. How could anyone like hockey more than this?!

Photo: USA Today