Orlando Magic give Channing Frye virtually exact same deal as Celtics signed Avery to

Celtic fans who think, myself included, that we may have slightly overpaid Avery Bradley, especially due to his durability issues, take solace that we're not the Orlando Magic.

The Magic just agreed to sign Channing Frye to virtually the exact same deal that Avery received.

Now, this is for a player who sat out all of 2012-2013 and averaged 11 points and five rebounds per game for the Suns in 28 mins per last season.

Frye did shoot 37% from three which is his main allure as a stretch 4 but also is incredibly soft defensively (although, he is long) and is 31 years old.

Reporters can talk about his plus minus all day but that is also largely due to the spread the floor somewhat run and gun style the Suns played last year.

Besides Frye, I also feel, although he played well in summer league today (still 1-5 from the free throw line), the Magic overreached taking another Arizona product Aaron Gordon at number 4 in the draft.

There is some good news for Magic fans, however.

Elfrid Payton, who a lot of people are high on, had a great game for Orlando today (5-5 from the field, 9 assists and eight boards) and appears at this point to be the most well rounded point guard selected in the 2014 NBA Draft.

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