NBA News: Kyrie Irving agrees to max extension with the Cavs

Despite all the fears in Cleveland, I figured Irving would ink this extension. This is his first big contract and I'm not sure I know of any player coming off a rookie contract that has turned down a max offer and left as a free agent. It's worth noting that not all max contracts are created equally in the NBA and Irving's deal will be for significantly less than Rajon Rondo is eligible for.

Good news here for the Cavs. Together with Andrew Wiggins the team has a bright future, even if the NBA finally decides to stop giving them #1 overall picks. There also is a slight chance that the Cavs could trade for Kevin Love and sign LeBron, and then all of a sudden they'd be the dominant team in the NBA. Then again for future reference, basically whoever LeBron signs with will be the favorite to win next season.

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