Marcus Smart talks about his incident shoving a fan, says guys try to get him rattled because of it

Last February this happened:

The fan turned out to be a big jerk who taunts players regularly, and the world seems to have forgiven Smart for his temporary lapse in judgment.  CSNNE's A Sherrod Blakely asked Smart about the incident, and if it has had any effect on his play so far in the Orlando Pro Summer League.  Said Smart:

The one incident back there at Oklahoma State, that was just something that happened. Everybody is going to have a high emotional breakdown, and that was my one. You just really know who you are. You don't really think about it and let that phase you. You just keep your mind in a place where you know you're comfortable. 
Everybody saw [the incident at Texas Tech], so that's the scouting report: he has a hot temper. It's funny to see guys try to get me rattled because I really don't. It's just something that happened. But I expect it to keep happening in the near future. I'm well prepared for it, I've been learning, and I learn from my mistakes.

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