LeBron James "reaches out" to Kevin Love, is that allowed?

Per NBA know-it-all Woj:

Is this allowed?  I'm confused.  Love is still employed by the Timberwolves, right?  Isn't that some sort of recruiting violation?  When Rajon Rondo went on Numbers Never Lie he was very careful to say that he did not recruit Love when they ran into each other at Fenway Park:

"No, I'm not recruiting at all. Kevin's under contract, the CBA, NBA takes that very seriously. No recruiting... As I was exiting Kevin Love was at the box suites, I spoke to him, said 'Hello.' No pitch, just wanted him to enjoy his time in Boston, and that was about it."

I guess the NBA doesn't care so much when it's his royal highness King James doing whatever he wants to.

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