LeBron James makes his decision, chooses Cleveland over Miami this time

The "Chosen One" is coming back home. LeBron James is taking his talents to northern Ohio.

Everyone hated LeBron James when he chose to leave Celveand in favor of flashy Miami beach.

Well that experiment with Dwyane Wade and Christopher Bosh is now over. Miami's new big three is kaput and LeBron has moved onto a new big three.

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Bennett!!

Just kidding. The Cavs will probably now look to move first overall pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota in exchange for the services of Kevin Love. Love had indicated that he would re-sign with Cleveland long term if LeBron was there.

How did the Cavs swing this? Well, the Celtics did their part to help. A few days ago they facilited a trade that let the Cavs dump a bunch of salary to make room for James' max contract. The Cs acquired Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thorton and the Cavs' first round pick in 2016 (details here).

Despite years of ineptitude, Cleveland is now relevant again. What do you think, Celtics fans?