Evan Turner's agent says Boston was always their top choice because of 'the environment'

No, it's not the harsh local climate that Evan Turner's agent David Falk is referring to when he mentions "the environment," or probably even the Celtics history and winning culture.  Via Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald, Falk said the following about his client's decision to sign in Boston:

There are teams that offered him one-year deals. There are teams that offered him multi-year deals. But I think the deal here is secondary to the environment.

Boston all along has been probably our No. 1 destination. I felt what Evan needed was to kind of replicate the relationship that he had with coach Brett Brown in Philadelphia. ... We were really looking mostly for an environment more than geography.
This is a situation where he can come and grow as a player. I think Brad (Stevens) realizes he's a multi-dimensional player.

Turner has a link to Stevens, who was formerly employed by Thad Matta, Turner's coach at Ohio State.  The Buckeye connection also ties Turner to Jared Sullinger, and the two are good friends.  These may be the main environmental factors which Falk is talking about.

It's also important to note that this is an agent speaking, and what else is he really going to say besides "this is what we wanted all along?"

But if there is any truth behind Falk's statement, it is nice to know that there are potential reasons for free agents to be interested in coming here.

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