Doc Rivers believes Celtics can turn it around

Boston Herald-

Even though he is a year and great distance removed from the Celtics, he is still in touch. He and Danny Ainge still speak with each other regularly, and Rivers is well aware the club is seeking to take a giant step with a trade or, if that fails, go through a longer and more thorough rebuilding process.

“I think Danny’s going to be patient,” Rivers said. “I mean, everybody wants to win now, but sometimes you just have to be patient. I thought we did a great job with that when I was there, and I think Danny’s going to do it again. I think Danny’s as good as anybody. It’s funny. He has the nickname ‘Trader Danny,’ but he knows when to do that. I think he’ll be fine.”

Sometimes when things are going as well as can be expected, a little encouragement from an old friend is all you need.

Look - we all knew this process was going to be long. We all knew we were going to get our hopes up a few times. We all knew it would be a while before No. 18 goes up into the the hallowed rafters of the TD Garden. We didn't know it would be so shitty watching everyone else get in the game while we waited for the right moment to strike. At least I didn't anyway.

I'm spending all of my time watching Twitter dump trade rumors and low level moves fly back and forth for virtually every team in the league EXCEPT for Boston. I want to believe something is coming, but my gut tells me it isn't going to happen.

Then I read this Herald piece in which Doc Rivers put his hand on our collective shoulder and said, "it's going to be fine."

I don't know if I believe that... but I believe Doc.

C'mon, fireworks.