DeMarcus Cousins says Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA

MrTrpleDouble10 on Twitter pointed out that today's Grantland interview with DeMarcus Cousins contained a segment where "Boogie" names Rajon Rondo as the best point guard in the league (at around 27 min and 30 seconds into the above video). In the context of the interview, Bill Simmons asks Cousins his opinion on who the best player in the NBA is, to which DMC replies "Rondo," but upon further clarification, he misheard the question and thought Simmons was asking about the best "point" as opposed to "player." (Cousins then continues to state that Lebron James is the NBA's the best player).

Simmons further prods Cousins on his opinion about Rondo being "absolutely" the best point guard in the league, and asks him "how much does this have to do with the fact that you and Chris Paul don't like each other that much?" to which Cousins replies "nothing at all."

There has been some intrigue in the past about trying to pair the two former Kentucky Wildcats -- Cousins was considered a Celtics target in many trade rumors during the 2012-2013 season -- but nothing materialized.  Then the days leading up to the 2014 NBA draft were filled with reports that Sacramento Kings were interested in acquiring Rondo (as well as his BFF Josh Smith), but that failed to materialize as well. It also begged the question if Rondo would re-sign in Sacramento if traded.

With the 4 year contract extension Cousins signed in 2013 and Rajon Rondo trade rumors circulating nearly every day, it's more likely that if the two were to play together, it would be for the Kings and not the Celtics. But it's fun to dream about what would happen if DMC came to Boston. At least more fun than waiting for the promised fireworks we were supposed to see this off-season.