Celtics first team to call Isaiah Thomas as NBA free agency opens

So what do you do when your best player is a point guard and you draft another point guard with your highest lottery pick (that you've kept) in your tenure? Well of course you begin free agency by trying to woo another point guard. Duh. Every time you hear Danny Ainge say he's not looking to trade Rajon Rondo, you should be as confident in Rondo staying in Boston as before the question was asked. There is no other way for Ainge to answer the question. He can't say, "Yes, I'm looking to deal him." You then lose all your leverage in trade talks and would be forced to deal Rondo for 25 cents on the dollar. For what it's worth, the Kings seem to be actively trying to move Ben Mclemore after drafting another shooting guard in the lottery. There was also the report last week that the Kings were trying to trade for Rondo's close friend Josh Smith to possibly make Sacramento more appealing to the Celtics point guard.

My guess is the Kings would offer McLemore and a sign-traded Thomas for Rondo. Lots of Celtics fans will scoff and say that's a horrible offer, but it very well might end up being the best offer Danny gets for Rondo. For the Kings it would be a very solid move and even if Rondo decides not to sign long term there they could turn around and flip him at the trade deadline next season or sign-and trade him next Summer.

Still this Isaiah Thomas news would be less surprising to me if we hadn't just drafted Marcus Smart. I'm of the opinion for Smart to fully max out his potential as an NBA player he'll need to play point guard. Thomas I believe is the shortest player in the NBA, so you wouldn't be bringing him in to play any other position. A bit of a head scratcher here, though for some reason I'm very intrigued where this goes. Stay tuned.

Update 1:25AM: Obviously I'm not the only one thinking this could be part of a Rondo trade.

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