Andrei Kirilenko says Jason Kidd couldn't handle the pressure of coaching in New York

These quotes are taken from an interview Andrei Kirilenko did with a Russian sports tabloid called SovSport, which is pretty funny to read after putting it through google translate.  SB Nation's Nets Daily got a real live person to translate the interview, and here's their version of what Kirilenko said about Kidd:

As he has previously, Kirilenko seemed to diss Kidd, at one point suggesting he may not have wanted to deal with the pressure of coaching in New York, saying, "So the pressure is huge. And Kidd couldn’t handle it. Or maybe didn’t want to." He called the team's second round exit a "lack of success." (Kirilenko's wife, Masha, publicly criticized Kidd for not playing the veteran in the playoffs.)

The criticism got harsher later in the interview.

"Basically he was not able to do much of anything, if you look at the big picture – we have to admit that fact," says Kirilenko, throwing his arms open.

I continue to be baffled by the fact that the Bucks were actually willing to give up draft picks in order to acquire Kidds' services.

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