Why Marcus Smart doesn't affect Rajon Rondo's future with the Celtics

Come close. I'm going to let you guys in on a secret. It's well kept, dark, and you might not want to hear it. But it's undeniably true; As presently constructed the Boston Celtics aren't any good at basketball.

That's not just 'they're not that good' or 'not good yet.' That's 'this team only won 30% of their games last year, and if they were to roll out the same team next year they wouldn't get that much better.

Last night they drafted Marcus Smart. In a draft absolutely filled by players with question marks, Smart astoundingly seems to have none. He's six foot four inches tall, and has the shoulders of a linebacker. He's an elite defender with the size and strength to be able to defend three positions. He's mentally tough, a heralded leader and is fiercely competitive. And not only has he performed, but he's done so in the NCAA.

He also plays point guard, a position that Rajon Rondo also plays. Only the last point is completely irrelevant.

For what it's worth, I do believe the two could share the court. Smart might've played point in college, but he's well suited to be a combo guard. His shot needs work, so does 95% of kids coming out of college. But again, all of this doesn't really matter.

What does matter is that the Boston Celtics aren't any good at the moment. And because of that, they're in talent acquisition mode. Danny Ainge and company (and they're notorious for this) are looking to acquire the best players available, and turning a blind eye to 'team fit' because, well, why wouldn't they? Why would you worry about things like fit when you really haven't a clear-cut picture of what you're building toward? This team is not a move away. This team is probably not even two moves away. They could enter next season with Kevin Love, or they could enter it without Rajon Rondo.

The latter is not the product of Danny Ainge wanting to trade his all star Point Guard. It's the product of the Boston Celtics not being very good, and Rajon Rondo not being one of the 3-4 players in the NBA that you don't trade under any circumstance.

The Celtics didn't take Smart to move Rondo. They drafted him because they very clearly thought he was the best player available by a considerable margin. You consider fit when it matters. And right now, it doesn't.