Why, if Kevin Love wants to come to the Celtics and win championships, he should play out his final year in Minnesota

As Celtics Life lead writer Michael Dyer reported earlier today, the Minnesota and Golden State Warriors talks broke down and it is highly unlikely that Kevin Love will be moved prior to the draft.

As much as I would like to see Love in a Celtics jersey next season (just so Boston would be a more entertaining team to watch), ultimately I think Love's best option is to play out his final year in Minnesota and sign with Boston next off-season.

This way the Celtics can get a couple of young talents, possibly even a center in Embiid, or Vonleh, who some people think could play the center position at the next level (I'm not so sure), as well as have the assets to surround he and Rajon Rondo with more talent moving forward.

As much as I like both Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk one would have to be moved and they definitely have quite a bit of value on the market. Once again, potentially allowing Boston to obtain a true center.

The one elephant in the room is whether both Love and Rondo would want max contracts (they both will be unrestricted free agents). My feeling on this has never wavered. Take a little less money, which would potentially be made up in endorsements, allowing the Celtic front office to surround them with more talent.

Not to mention, legacy means a lot for money making opportunities in someone's post-playing career. Ask, Stephon Marbury and countless other players (Joe Johnson with the Suns is another example) about that move leaving Kevin Garnett and the Wolves for more money and how that worked out for him.

Anyhow, having the All Star power forward play out is final year in Minnesota would be my advice to Kevin Love, Danny Ainge and Rajon Rondo if he truly wants to come to Boston and compete for championships.

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