The latest on the possibility of the #1 pick being traded, and how it relates to the Celtics

Andrew Wiggins can jump high and the Sixers really want him
It's no secret that the Sixers want Andrew Wiggins. After all they basically traded everyone on their roster just for the slight chance that they could tank their way into getting him. Alas, the lottery Gods did not smile upon their losing ways, giving them the third pick instead. But that hasn't stopped them from trying to make things right by dealing for the first overall pick.

But what's the asking price? We know the Sixers offered up the 3rd pick and Thaddeus Young, only to be rebuffed. Now it seems that Cleveland is asking for the 10th and 32nd picks in addition to the 3rd pick. A huge asking price.

So to move up two spots the Sixers need to give up another great pick and one of the first picks in the second round (a really valuable commodity considering the depth of the draft and the value of getting a good player for dirt cheap). That's a monster haul for Cleveland, especially if they're not enamored with Wiggins (and if they were, they wouldn't be shopping the pick this hard).

So should Philly do it?

On the one hand -- that's an enormous amount of value to be giving up. Something like Joel Embiid (or Dante Exum), Aaron Gordon and Mitch McGary (just picking guys picked right around these spots in mocks). But on the other hand, if you think this guy is the guy to lead your franchise for the next 10-15 years, and have spent all season dumping players just for the chance to get him -- don't you kind of have to pull the trigger?

Grab Wiggins, pair him with Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel, and go from there. Obviously there's a lot of development that needs to happen for that core to succeed, but it's not a bad core to have when you consider all three guys are between 19-23 and all are under team control for the better part of a decade (teams control players in their second contract because they are only restricted free agents).

So while I expect it to be a last second decision, I bet Philly goes ahead and does it. You don't let your golden goose slip through your fingers because of an extra pick.

As for how this relates to the Celtics..I just don't see any possible way that the Cs could match #3, #10 and #32. No shot. Even in last night's rumor of dealing Rondo to the Kings for the 8th pick and then packaging the 6th and 8th picks plus a player or two comes well short. And that's with the Celts giving up their All-Star AND their best pick. So the Wiggins dream appears to be on life support for Celtics fans, if not dead entirely.

We'll keep an eye on this as it develops.

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