Report: Three team deal in the works: Celtics get No. 1 pick, Kings get Rondo, Cavs get players, picks?

The draft is a little over 24 hours away and the rumors are flying fast and furious.

Here's the latest one:

First of all, and pardon my French, Holy shit.

Even the most ardent Rajon Rondo supporters are going to have a tough time arguing against getting the top overall pick in this draft for him. So much for Danny Ainge souring on this draft.

Second of all, and this is probably more important, all of this is a rumor.

The Kings wanting Rondo isn't news, neither is Cleveland's desire to trade the top pick. So this deal could have some legs. Who knows what Cleveland would be getting back for players. Maybe Jeff Green or Isaiah Thomas or Brandon Bass or Jason Thompson. My wish would be to somehow hold onto the sixth pick and send Cleveland the eighth overall pick from the Kings and future firsts from Boston. But in a draft this deep, trading the first overall pick for the sixth and eighth picks isn't a horrible move.

Only time will tell if any of this is real or all just a bunch of bull. Stay tuned, it'll only get crasier from here.

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