Report: Love to Warriors "dead"; Love unlikely to be moved before draft

Man, this week is going to be insane. Between the draft, Melo rumors, and Kevin Love rumors, the reports are going to be non-stop.

The latest is Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report saying that the much publicized "Kevin Love to Golden State" deal is dead, and that Love is unlikely to be dealt before the draft.

For those holding out hope that the Cs will win the Love sweepstakes, the first part of this is definitely good news. The Warriors have always been hesitant to give up both Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes, and that is possibly why the deal broke down.

But the problem that remains for Boston is that the Celtics do not have the NBA talent that the Wolves are reportedly looking for. The Celts have a million picks, but no one that comes close to Thompson in terms of proven talent (besides Rondo obviously). And that's not going to change anytime soon.

The second part, that Love won't be moved before the draft, is not good for the Celts. Now Ainge has to pick the guys he thinks are the best fit for the Celtics, and it's completely possible that Flip Saunders and Minnesota have a different looking big board. There's no way Ainge could pick Minny's guys without a deal being agreed to before hand, it's just too risky. And if Ainge grabs (hypothetically) Marcus Smart and T.J. Warren, and the Wolves aren't high on either, any chance of a deal goes up in smoke.

But as always, these reports aren't anything to set in stone. Minnesota could simply be posturing to get the Dubs to offer up both Thompson and Barnes, while also simultaneously letting the rest of the NBA know it's time to put your best offer on the table.

Buckle up folks, this week is going to be a doozy.

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