Melo Will Opt Out

In 2004, Michael Stipe penned a song for R.E.M entitled 'Leaving New York.' The song documented how difficult the frontman found it to leave the big apple every time he got to visit. Carmelo Anthony probably hasn't heard of that song. And according to sources he might not find 'Leaving New York' all that difficult either.

Via Frank isola

MIAMI — Carmelo Anthony hasn’t wavered from his year-long intent to become a free agent this summer despite Phil Jackson’s hopes to keep Anthony under contract through the 2014-15 season.
Barring a dramatic change of heart, Anthony will opt out of his contract on July 1 and become an unrestricted free agent, the Daily News has learned.
Jackson, the new Knicks’ president, revealed two weeks ago that he had suggested to Anthony to “opt in” and postpone his free agency until July 1, 2015, which would give the Knicks added flexibility to pursue another “max” free agent. However, a Knicks source claims that Anthony will stick to his plan to test free agency next month.

Now as Isola goes on to point out, simply opting out doesn't necessarily mean that Carmelo will not return to New York next season. But it does go on to say that he's looking for the full 'Dwight Howard treatment.' So, candy and having people pretend to laugh at all his jokes seem to be on Melo's agenda for the next three months.

This, coupled with another embarrassing Heat loss last night will seemingly only fuel the 'Melo to Miami' rumors more. One team to look out for, however, may be Melo's other hometown team, the Washington Wizards - who should be able to offer Carmelo a max contract.