Kevin Garnett likely to return to Brooklyn

Old friend Kevin Garnett finished his first season with the Brooklyn Nets averaging just 6.5 points and 6.6 rebounds per game. As YardBarker's Vincent Frank points out, the return of Garnett may not be especially desirable for Brooklyn, as he's still due for a cool $12 million dollars for 2014-2015. Obviously, that's a steep price for a 19-year (wow) vet to come in and collect 7 and 7.

Still, we know Kevin Garnett and his passion damn well. It's hard to imagine the guy would come back if he felt he didn't have more in the tank. While we know KG's all about the pride, leaving $12 million on the table is tough. KG is an invaluable teammate, but with Brooklyn's booked cap space, they may be hoping KG is ready to hang it up.