Join us tonight for the CelticsLife live chat during the draft

So with the draft tonight we're going to be doing a few things to cover it in real time.

For the first round we're doing a "Cover it Live" chat, kind of like the shout-box but inside of an actual article. There will be some of the writers there talking about the draft, answering questions and reacting. Everyone else can hop in and talk about tonight's happenings.

Then after the first round ends (or possibly in the late first) we're going to do a late night version of CelticsLife Live reacting to whatever it is the Celtics do.

So everyone make sure to be on CelticsLife all night as we talk draft, trades and the future of the team. It will probably be mostly reaction to what's going on, but if you have any questions now, drop them in the comment section. Let's hope we have some fireworks to talk about.