Heat fans leave early yet again after Spurs crush them in Game 3

Hey it's June so that means a few things:

1. The Heat are playing in the NBA Finals -- I've said this before and I'll say it again: I do not like the Heat, but I respect the hell out of them. Four straight Finals, two rings already, best player in the game in LeBron.

2. Heat fans are running for the exits early

The scene, Miami down 15 with four minutes left. Not 40 seconds left, but four minutes.

Place was a ghost town.

And just as a reminder, this was Game 6 of the Finals last year. Heat down 4, 28 seconds to go in the potential clinching game. Heat fans pour out, only to see the Ray Allen miracle force OT, and then they all tried to get back in. The rats trying to jump back on the sinking ship once the hole was plugged.

Again, I legitimately respect what the Heat have accomplished. But their fans (the majority of them, I know there are some diehards..this is not for you) are trash. Said it during their parade last year (something that got me about 400 hate tweets after a Miami radio station called me out), and I'll say it again. Fans in the city of Miami are the worst in pro sports. LA is probably second, but Lakers fans are miles beyond Heat fans in terms of loyalty and knowledge of the game. I can't completely blame them..Miami has great weather and great looking people and night life that Boston couldn't dream of. Attention spans are short, and losing teams are ignored. But that's exactly what bad fan bases are made of.

P.S. Heat fans blaming the refs is pretty awesome. HOW DARE WE NOT GET CALLS FOR ONE GAME

P.P.S Yes the Celtics are home, yes they're in a rebuild, but this is how you handle the end of a playoff loss.

And how about this one, down 26 (!!) in the 4th quarter, crowd still into it as the Celtics go on a ridiculous 20-0 run.

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