Dwyane Wade fined $5000 for outrageous flop in NBA finals game 2

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During the second quarter of game 2 of the NBA finals, Dwyane Wade showed off his acting skills and drew a foul on Manu Ginobili, when Ginobili didn't even make contact. As a result, Ginobili was taken out of the game, as he had picked up his 3rd foul of the half.

The league reviewed the incident, and Wade was penalized with a $5000 fine from the NBA today. From ABC News:

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat became the latest recipient of a flopping fine from the NBA on Monday, ordered to give up $5,000 after the league found he over-exaggerated a foul charged to San Antonio's Manu Ginobili in Game 2 of the finals.

It was already the fifth flopping fine assessed by the NBA during this postseason. There were a total of six fines for flopping in the entire regular season.

Wade's flop came in the second quarter when he reacted excessively on a play where Ginobili was whistled for the foul. Ginobili appeared to take a swipe at the ball as Wade controlled it, and the Heat guard spun backward like he had been struck.

As mentioned above, The league has been fairly active in giving out flopping fines during this year's playoffs, with Wade's flop being the fifth. While it's great that the NBA is taking action against flopping, it doesn't help to reverse the in-game calls.

The Miami Heat players have been known for some pretty horrendous flops over the past few years. Which flop was the worst? Watch the videos and vote in the poll below, and voice your opinion in the comments.

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