Doug McDermott talks Larry Bird cover, Kevin Durant at Celtics workout

Draft prospects Doug McDermott was in town today visiting with your Boston Celtics. He, of course, had plenty of praise for the Celtics. He also touched on Larry Bird, Kevin Durant and even Tommy Heinsohn.

One thing to note, this young prospect was pretty honored to be working out with the Celtics. Of course, he was probably honored to work out for any team, but he did say he wanted to take out his phone and snap some photos.

Don't worry, Doug. The media took plenty for you.

Since he was in the Boston area, of course McDermott was asked about appearing on the Sports Illustrated cover in a nod to the famous Larry Bird photo.

For what it's worth McDermott wasn't too thrilled about it.

Here's some other nuggets from McDermott, including his favorite player growing up being Kevin Durant. Yeah, that's right. Incase you forgot, these are kids.