Brad Stevens talks to fans about Marcus Smart and James Young, how they fit in Boston

After the Celtics made their picks on Thursday night, head coach Brad Stevens spoke to the season ticket holders in attendance at the TD Garden.  Below is what Stevens had to say about Marcus Smart and James Young.

On Smart:

He's been in here twice in the last three weeks and I know a lot of guys that have had the chance to spend time around him, both players and coaches, and everybody that's around him loves what he brings to the table every single day.  We think he can be obviously a great defender, but I also think he's a better ball handler, passer and shooter than maybe people realize.  We had him ranked really high, we were crossing our fingers that he would be there at six.  We're excited to welcome him here.

On Young:

He's another guy that we were crossing our fingers that he might be available [at 17], we thought he was a lottery pick.  To be able to get a guy that can score, that can put the ball on the floor, that can play off pick and role, that's won at a high level with a lot of pressure in a tough situation; [Young] didn't have things going in a great direction in February and then helped lead the team to a national title game in April.  A remarkable short career at Kentucky, but certainly a guy that we think highly of.

On both:

We think they are ready [to have an impact]... The most important thing is we think they fit well.  They're guys that we want to have around and guys that we think can be good players for a long time; hopefully sooner rather than later.

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