Brad Stevens running workouts for draft hopefuls

ESPN- Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens remains in high gear this offseason and is running the team's pre-draft workouts this week as the Green conduct final evaluations leading up to the draft.

Stevens, with help from his assistants, is putting draft hopefuls through drills and gauging their basketball IQs by asking them to learn plays and sets through on-court instruction, all while Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and his staff -- including assistant general manager Mike Zarren, director of player personnel Austin Ainge and director of scouting Dave Lewin -- observe the workouts.

Is it me or is the semi-daily Brad Stevens update constantly some of the best news you hear all day? Everything Stevens does seems like the right thing to do. From his pre and post game comments, to keeping a level head and poker face no matter what the scoreboard says, to getting 20+ wins out of a 10 win team, I think Brad Stevens is exactly the man for this job.

While Stevens will leave all of the personal decisions up to Danny Ainge (the fact that there is trust at the top of the organization is HUGE for the future of this team), Stevens being involved on the ground level workouts is an important part of the culture the Celtics are fostering in Boston. It is something that is already registering with the athletes invited to the pre-draft workouts.

"I thought it was awesome that he was out here and working us out and putting us through the drills," UConn's DeAndre Daniels said. "I thought that was pretty awesome to see how hands-on he is out here with the guys."

His extra mile efforts are going along way with all levels of the organization. Director of player personnel, Austin Ainge chimed in with more feedback on Stevens' positive influence.

"He has had a previous relationship with a number of the guys that we interviewed in Chicago and have had in for workouts, [from] the recruiting trail or coaching against them in college," said Austin Ainge. "So I think that does help, and we’re certainly asking for his insights and knowledge."

Added Ainge: "I do know that Brad always leaves a positive impression because he’s such a good communicator and a good coach and a nice person. I think the more interaction players can have with him, the better it is for us."

In a related story, Boston Celtics upon hearing all of the great things about their young couch headed into his sophomore season collectively thought/screamed, "Now... GET THIS GUY A SUPERSTAR TO COACH! DO IT DANNY!"