Boston's offseason has been nuts, and nothing has even happened yet

If you like NBA rumors and gossip, this offseason is for you.

The past month has been nothing short of insane, in terms of every possible direction the Celtics could go. Yes, I know nothing has actually happened yet, but let's review:

First, there is the draft tomorrow. Boston has two picks in the first-round, one in the top-10, in a draft many are claiming is the best since 2003. There are a ton of different ways the Celtics could go with these two picks, including snagging the guy who could be the best player in the draft in the injured Joel Embiid.

Don't want to just keep the two picks? How about snagging the seventh pick and the eighth pick in separate deals, giving Boston three top-10 picks in a loaded draft? That's certainly a way to rebuild going the super young route.

How about trading for the first overall pick? Yup, that's been talked about, too.

Speaking of trades, how about trading for Kevin Love, a top-10 player in the league who is just 25 years old? Still not enough? Well, there has been some talk of adding yet another superstar in Carmelo Anthony. And of course, if you want to get really crazy, LeBron James just so happens to be a free agent.

The offseason has barely kicked off and already the Celtics are looking at 50 different directions to go in order to bring Banner 18 to Boston. The draft tomorrow should shed some light on a general direction the team is planning to go, but who knows? Expect about a dozen more Celtics rumors between now and tomorrow night. Whatever happens, it's going to be exciting, hold onto your butts.

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