Alvin Williams & Sean Marks Almost Played for the Celtics?


It's true! Alvin Williams and Sean Marks were traded to Boston on February 10, 2000 for Danny Fortson.  Here's the Buffoon's explanation at the time:

"We just weren't able to get Danny the minutes he was looking for," Celtics general manager Chris Wallace said. "We were not confident in our ability to re-sign Danny this summer. No one wants to lose something for nothing."
You know my disdain for any decisions made by the Buffoon but before I go into ripping him apart again, let's look at the immediate analysis from former coach and CNNSI analyst at the time Kevin Loughery (if you scroll down further in the article):

So Fortson, a guy they moved arguably their second best player at the time (Ron Mercer) not too long ago didn't fit?  Geez, who would've known acquiring a guy who's primary position was power forward which was the exact same position as your best player at the time (Antoine Walker) is a bonehead move.  Definitely not the Buffoon.  Of course playing Fortson and Walker together up front would've been fine today. In 2000, not so much.

As for Williams he was a solid point guard, never exceptional, although without looking at his stats I'd like to say he averaged double figures in scoring in one or two seasons for the Raptors.  He had good size and strength, qualities that were looked for in point guards more so back then, as opposed to today.

Sean throwing it down
Marks was a guy who lasted a real long time in the league- he was still on the Trailblazers in 2011 at the age of 35.  And while he was always a reserve playing in the NBA, he was a decent player as well.

But alas, the trade was rescinded!  Williams apparently failed his physical.  Jeff Twiss, long time Celtics' spokesman, claimed to not know why Williams had failed. Raptors GM Glen Grunwald (who former Celtic Michael Stewart routinely sends gift baskets to once a month for the outlandish contract he was given) claimed Williams had some knee problems but it "never affected his ability to play."

Fortson had to return to the Celtics and was disgruntled as one would expect:
“I'm sick of this,” Fortson told the Toronto Star. “I'd like to be somewhere where I don't have to worry about packing my bags and leaving. I don't want to be a journeyman. I'm only 23.”
Fortson had to get through the remainder of that 2000 season before being included in a 4 team trade that August that's pretty complicated.  Check it out:

What can be deduced from that?  Well certainly that both Robert Pack and Hot Rod Williams also almost played for the Celtics!

So what would've happened if Williams and Marks played for Boston? Well besides each getting a WTHHT written about them, I'm not too sure how much.  Williams was a solid player for those promising Raptors teams that consisted of a young McGrady and Carter and a hodgepodge of various veterans past-their-prime like Olajuwon, Oakley, and Antonio Davis.  Marks would've provided reserve minutes up front.  And as we still struggle to find the whereabouts of Danny Fortson for his WTHHT article, you now know just how close Williams and Marks were to getting their own.

All I know is Alvin Williams and Sean Marks almost played for the Celtics. And now, you know that too.